Color Portfolio
Color Portfolio
250 colors. One system. 3form offers the most comprehensive assortment of translucent colors for design applications. These hues can be used across any of 3form's materials: Varia Ecoresin, Chroma, Struttura, Glass, and Koda XT.
Mounting Options
Mounting Options
Shapes have the option of being suspended one of two ways. Variable Socket (as shown) is a minimal cable system that allows the designer to anchor the mount in any direction +/- 30 degrees from the Ceiling Feature.

Variable Standoff is a rigid attachment that is mounted perpendicular to the ceiling.
Flag Conference Room with Shapes Hardware
Three dimensions – one limitless imagination. Angular or curvaceous, bright or muted. The curving, undulating, sweeping Shapes product lines transform your space with surprising elegance.
Varia Ecoresin
Start with this Ready to Go solution:
Ready to Go solutions are pre-packaged options for creating easy-to-specify partitions, doors, tables and more. Includes material, fabrication, hardware, and CAD drawings. The image above may not necessarily reflect a standard Ready to Go solution, it may have been modified.
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